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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#unrules52 - Under-schedule to take advantage of the richness of life.

Unschooling Rules 52 is, Under-schedule to take advantage of the richness of life.
  • Current Scorecard Rating:   Let me think about that, just not now
This entry has been bumped up from Crazy Talk, in part based on the article in The Atlantic: A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.

Here is one quote:
  • My mother didn’t work all that much when I was younger, but she didn’t spend vast amounts of time with me, either. She didn’t arrange my playdates or drive me to swimming lessons or introduce me to cool music she liked. On weekdays after school she just expected me to show up for dinner; on weekends I barely saw her at all. I, on the other hand, might easily spend every waking Saturday hour with one if not all three of my children, taking one to a soccer game, the second to a theater program, the third to a friend’s house, or just hanging out with them at home. When my daughter was about 10, my husband suddenly realized that in her whole life, she had probably not spent more than 10 minutes unsupervised by an adult. Not 10 minutes in 10 years.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jeff Sandefer: Education Entrepreneur is Remaking Education at All Levels

It was during one of the conversations I had with Jeff Sandefer that I got the bug to write Unschooling Rules.  (I still remember the exact moment with perfect detail.)  I believe he is the leading education revolutionary today, and his achievements may better shape the future of structured learning programs than anyone else alive.

Here is an interview he recently gave:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Imagining a One Thousand Dollar MBA

China and India and so many other countries are fully engaging the global economy from both the supply and demand side. As a result, innovative companies are breaking price barriers that were once thought impermeable.
We have already seen the sub-1000 dollar computer. Then the sub-500. And now the sub-200.
We have seen sub-4000 dollar cars, thought impossible by Detroit. While they are not perfect by the glossy standards of American companies, these vehicles fit a critical demand. One can also reasonably expect the cars' manufacturers to become increasingly powerful on the world stage. Meanwhile the cost in emerging markets of so many other services, such as cell phones minutes, are tiny fractions of their US counterpart. Every year brings more breakings of price floors - the equivalent of beating the four minute mile - in market segment after market segment.
There is one race that may be under the radar of most, but has huge implications. That is the global race to the sub-1000 dollar MBA.

Why the 1K MBA?
The need for a low cost MBA is both obvious and less so. In the obvious camp, there are highly populous nations that need to put vast numbers of workers through MBA programs to become their emerging business leaders. These are people who would be fighting for the privilege of getting an 80 thousand dollar MBA if they were in the United States or Europe.
But there are less obvious markets as well. In all countries including the United States, in most corporations, there are entire swaths of employees, from directors to vice presidents and higher, who are without formal skills in everything from financial management to project management to leadership. This “winging-it” middle management – who often resemble MBA’s in everything but skills - represent tremendous penalties to shareholder value. The lowering of MBA’s costs will greatly increase their adoption by these employees who desperately need the skills.

New Design Principles
Creating the 1K MBA will require some significant re-engineering. New principles will have to frame the design.
Before we go any further, we can anticipate the predictable response from the existing MBA vendors, including institutions and professors. They will say that it is impossible to create equivalent value proposition at this new price point. They will say that attempts are even fundamentally dangerous, as they will necessarily create cheap imitations and degree inflation.
Given that, here are some of the necessary principles for the new MBA:
  • The mission of the 1K MBA programs must remain the same as existing MBA’s. The quality has to be very high – in selective places better than current top rated programs, including Harvard, Insead, or Wharton.
  • Collectively, the 1K MBA programs will have more than ten times the number of graduates than all of the current MBA programs combined. The emphasis will be on high volume, not elitism. (This puts greater pressure on the role of quality content and rigorous certification.)
  • The human component of delivery has to be greatly minimized. Rather than offloading the marquee professor to the teaching assistant as is currently the practice, the programs will require the better capturing of deep content from the marquee professor in the technology itself wherever possible.
  • The programs will leverage distance learning technology and methodology
  • The programs will leverage simulation technology and methodology
  • The programs will leverage social networking technology and methodology
Obviously, as stated in the above principles, there will be a reliance on technology that will necessarily preclude some participation in the developing world where technology is scarce. But the continued rapid spread of technology, as well as the necessary value provided by the technology, makes this a necessary trade-off today that will increasingly be mitigated in the long run.

Technology Part 1: Distance Learning
One of the three core technologies is around distance learning. This is necessary to eliminate the need for travel, room and board - all major current costs. This also increases starting and ending time flexibility. Finally, it allows some students to get MBA’s while also holding jobs and being productive in their family and community.
There has been much progress in the areas of distance learning over the past five to ten years. Early mistakes have been made, and best practices are now established.
Unfortunately, most distance universities currently have to make a significant choice between the following two insufficient models:
  • Low cost/flat content. Some distance universities have flat content, but delivered at a relatively attractive price point. The universities, including many that define the distance learning marketplace, have seen the value of their master’s programs decline.
  • High cost/rich content. Some distance universities, such as Full Sail University’s Masters of Educational Media Design & Technology, have rich programs with high student engagement and satisfaction, but not delivered at a significantly lower cost than face to face. This is in part because of the very involved role of the instructors.
Technology Part 2: Social Networking
The second of the three core technologies is social networking. This has currently been increasingly and successfully integrated into leading distance learning programs, including through using Facebook and YouTube, and through new tools integrated into course management systems such as Moodle.
The experience of working through challenging content with a set of peers over time must be maintained and even improved. "Classes" are critical, and maybe even better assembled than through chance today. Meanwhile, textbooks will be over time replaced by open-source online material.

Technology Part 3: Simulations and Serious Games
The third critical piece of technology is simulations and serious games (collectively called sims). It is not an overstatement to say that sims are necessary for any 1K MBA due to their combination of engagement, effectiveness and scalability.
This is because, unlike the talking-head videos and interactive workbooks of first generation eLearning, sims are super-media. They:
  • Cover twice as much content in half as much time (4X improvement), due to their richness and interactivity.
  • Develop knowledge that decays at one-fifth to one-tenth the rate of directive learning (5 to 10X improvement). Sims develop passion and commitment through kinesthetic experiences.
  • Aggregated over time, cost one tenth (or less) per student per hour (10X improvement) for delivering content. This is because many sims, as many computer games today, are stand-alone, with instruction built in. Sims can therefore hugely reduce the amount of rote work done, allowing fewer professors to add greater value to more students.
Sims also can enable the inclusion of content that just couldn’t be covered using traditional methodology, typically in the areas of “learning to do” rather than just “learning to know.” This is done in part through careful level design, including interactive environments and challenges. This new approach is critical, as a current sharp criticisms of MBA programs is that students don't graduate with skills--they only have learning and have to figure out how to apply it, to the detriment of many companies who hire them early in their careers.
From a capitalization perspective, the cost of creating a critical mass of sims is relevant but not insurmountable. From scratch, sims cost about 100K per finished hour. This will require investment up-front in sim based content that pays off over five to seven years, but usable over an infinitely broad marketplace.

Need for Lead Designers
The technology already exist. What is needed, and is currently in short supply, are lead designers – people who have actually created large numbers of proven sims, not the academics who currently speculate about them. This is an art and science. But the grammar of this new discipline is covered in

Current MBA Programs will be endangered
The propagation of the 1K MBA will challenge the existing models. It is conceivable that the United States will loose the bottom half of their MBA programs every five to ten years moving forward indefinitely and asymptotically. Harvard and Wharton are safe, but the overall market will shrink.

Impact and Conclusion
The 1k MBA will have multiple positive impacts. First, it will improve the standard of living of millions. It will increase the productivity of people, and at the same time curb inflation driven by higher people costs during booms. Further, it will provide a new role model for all education. It will soon impact other disciplines, and schools in general.
And the cascade effect brought about by successful low-cost, sim driven alternatives to traditional higher ed, while painful to schools in the short run, could have the long-term effect of bringing the postindustrial revolution to education.

435 Serious Games...

I have been gathering a collection of serious games. Here are 435.

  1. 3D Forklift Demo
  2. 3D Teleconferencing
  3. 3D Virtual Campus Tour –...
  4. 3DHive
  5. 3rd World Farmer
  6. 7 Tools to CPI
  7. A Force More Powerful
  8. A Sailor’s Life for Me!
  9. abcdeSIM
  10. ACT Career Club
  11. Activate
  12. Ada and Grace: Responsive Virt...
  13. Added Meaning
  14. African Highland Farmer
  15. Against All Odds
  16. Agent Surefire: Breach Buster
  17. Agent Surefire: Insider Threat
  18. Air Medic Sky One
  19. Alaskan Recovery Series
  20. Algebra Touch
  21. Algeburst
  22. Ambassador
  23. America’s Army (v1)
  24. Amnesty the game
  25. Anatomy of Care
  26. Animal Anatomy
  27. Archipelago Trader
  28. Argument Wars
  29. ARMA II
  30. ARMA: Armed Assault
  31. Army Excellence in Leadership
  32. Army Influence Trainer
  33. Ars Regendi
  34. Arthrogame
  35. At-Risk for College Students
  36. At-Risk for High School Educat...
  37. At-Risk for Middle School Educ...
  38. At-Risk for University and Col...
  39. At-Risk in Primary Care
  40. At-Risk in the Emergency Depar...
  41. Atlantis Remixed
  42. Autodesk Digital STEAM Applied...
  43. AvantGuard
  44. Ayiti: The Cost of Life
  45. Bakery Palace
  46. Bank On Us
  47. Beach Hazard Challenge
  48. Benihana Operations Management
  49. Bermuda Triangles
  50. Bert & Phil’s Water...
  51. Bilateral Negotiation Trainer ...
  52. Biochem Gems
  53. Blackstone Private Equity Fina...
  54. Blindside
  55. Boarders Ahoy!
  56. Bonds Training
  57. Boom & Bust Enterprises P...
  58. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in...
  59. Branches of Power
  60. Breakaway
  61. Budget Hero
  62. Build a Cell
  63. Build A Plant
  64. Build-a-Body
  65. Building and Exercising Influe...
  66. Building Detroit
  67. Bullseye Trainer
  68. Burden of Proof
  69. Business Challenge
  70. Business Simulation Tournament...
  71. C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection ...
  72. Can Game Play Teach Student Nu...
  73. CAP Odyssey
  74. Capital Budgeting
  75. Capitol Hill Police Checkpoint...
  76. Cargo Dynasty
  77. Carnegie Cyber Academy
  78. Cast Your Vote
  79. Cell Command
  80. Ceteris Paribus
  81. Cha-Ching!
  82. Cha-Ching! Pro
  83. Change Management
  84. Changing the Dialogue
  85. Chinese Food Safety – Accept R...
  86. Chinese Food Safety – Dishwash...
  87. Chinese Food Safety – Hand Was...
  88. Chinese Food Safety – Kitchen ...
  89. Chinese Food Safety – Rice Coo...
  90. Cisco Binary Game
  91. Cisco Mind Share Game
  92. Citizen Science
  93. Climate Challenge
  94. Clim’Way
  95. Coach Mike
  96. Code Racer
  97. Cognitive Air Defense Training...
  98. Collaborative Negotiations
  99. CollectionLab
  100. Combat Hunter Action and Obser...
  101. Comparative Cell Division
  102. Con las drogas, no te la juegu...
  103. Conflict 2: Fear Fighter
  104. Conflict Management
  105. Constructed Meaning
  106. CoolStreet
  107. Cornak
  108. Coronary Artery Bypass Trainer
  109. CorrSim
  110. Counties Work
  111. Court Quest
  112. Courting Disaster
  113. CPI Tools
  114. Crazy Plant Shop
  115. Creature 101
  116. CreditLab
  117. Crossed Swords
  118. Cruise Ship Evacuation Simulat...
  119. Crystal Island: Lost Investiga...
  120. Cultural and Cognitive Combat ...
  121. Cut to the Chase
  122. Cyber Awareness Challenge
  123. CyberCIEGE
  124. CyberProtect
  125. Dangerous Waters
  126. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  127. Darfur is Dying
  128. Data Dealer
  129. Dental Defender
  130. Dental Implant Training Simula...
  131. Devil’s Advocate
  132. Devil’s Advocate 2
  133. Digital Emily
  134. Digital Ira
  135. Disaster Hero
  136. Disaster Response Training for...
  137. Dismounted Interactive Counter...
  138. Disney Stars, The Virtual Sell
  139. Distraction Dodger
  140. Distribution Management Cognit...
  141. Do I Have A Right?
  142. Do I Have A Right? Bill of Rig...
  143. DoCircuits
  144. DoorKickers
  145. Dragon Breeder
  146. DragonBox Algebra 12+
  147. DragonBox+
  148. Dumptown
  149. Eagle Racing
  150. Eat-and-Move-o-Matic
  151. Eco Defenders
  152. Eco Mania
  153. Ecocity
  154. EconU
  155. El Codex del Peregrino
  156. Emergency Birth!
  157. Emergency Management Staff Tra...
  158. Emergent Leader Immersive Trai...
  159. EndGame: Syria
  160. Equatia
  161. Essentials of Business Leaders...
  162. Ever, Jane
  163. Everest Leadership and Teamwor...
  164. Executive Challenge
  165. Executive Command
  166. Family of Heroes: PTSD & ...
  167. Fate of the World: Tipping Poi...
  168. Fetch
  169. FireFighter Training Simulatio...
  170. First Person Cultural Trainer ...
  171. First-aid game
  172. FlatWorld
  173. Flexible Action and Articulate...
  174. FLOW is Good Business
  175. Foldit
  176. Food Force
  177. Food Force for Facebook
  178. Freeciv
  179. Full Spectrum Warrior
  180. Gaining Leadership
  181. Galactic Zappers
  182. Game Dev Tycoon
  183. Game Over Gopher
  184. Gamestar Mechanic
  185. Gangs: PC 186.22 for Patrol
  186. Garbage Dreams
  187. Garden Defense
  188. Gate
  189. Gazillionaire
  190. Genomics Digital Lab
  191. George Washington’s Worl...
  192. GLIMPSE (Game to Learn Importa...
  193. GoVenture Any Business
  194. GoVenture Health
  195. GoVenture Personal Finance
  196. GoVenture Small Business
  197. Government in Action
  198. Guardian Angel
  199. Gunslinger
  200. Guts and Bolts
  201. Hands-On Interview and Interro...
  202. Hate Comes Home
  203. Healthcare Compliance Game
  204. Heifer Village: Nepal
  205. History Of Biology
  206. Houthoff Buruma The Game
  207. Hows
  208. IBM CityOne
  209. IBM’s Process Optimizati...
  210. ICS: Call to Action – Si...
  211. Immersive Naval Officer Traini...
  212. Immigration Nation
  213. Immune Attack
  214. In A Permanent Save State
  215. INNOV8
  216. INNOV8 2.0
  217. Insignia Searcher
  218. Intelligence, Surveillance, an...
  219. International Racing Squirrels
  220. Jet Ski Challenge
  221. Jewel Mine
  222. Jewish Time Jump: New York
  223. Joint Fires and Effects Traini...
  224. Juf-in-a-Box
  225. Knowledge Mine
  226. Knowledge Quest English
  227. LawCraft
  228. Leader Anyone?
  229. Leadership Challenges
  230. Leading Strategic Execution
  231. Lemonade Stand Off
  232. LetterSchool
  233. LGBTQ on Campus: K-12 Version
  234. Life Ring Toss Challenge
  235. Love in the Dumpster
  236. Low-Cost Immersive Viewer
  237. Ludwig
  238. Lunar Quest
  239. Lure of the Labyrinth
  240. MACBETH
  241. Machineers
  242. Making History Gold Edition
  243. Making History II
  244. Management Challenge
  245. Managing Channels and Segments
  246. Managing the Store
  247. Marty Raygun’s Fistful o...
  248. Maximizing Project Success
  249. McDonald’s Video Game (S...
  250. Mergers and Acquisition in Win...
  251. Military Terrain for Games Pip...
  252. Minecraft
  253. Mission Antitrust
  254. Mission H2O
  255. Mission US: Flight to Freedom
  256. Mission US: For Crown or Colon...
  257. Monster School Bus
  258. Moonbase Alpha (MBA)
  259. Motion Math
  260. Motion Math Zoom
  261. Mystery Matters
  262. NarcoGuerra
  263. nFocus Simulator
  264. Ninja Kitchen
  265. NSA’s CryptoChallenge
  266. Number Munchers
  267. Off Duty On Guard
  268. On Call
  269. Onboarding at AvalonBay Commun...
  270. Pandemic 2.5
  271. Past/Present
  272. Pearl Diver
  273. People’s Pie
  274. Perfect World
  275. Petals
  276. Peter Packet
  277. Phantomation
  278. Phone Dash
  279. Phone Story
  280. Pipe Dream
  281. Plague Inc.
  282. Plan it green! The big switch
  283. Plan-It Commander
  284. Planting the Seed for Space Ex...
  285. Play Forward: Elm City Stories
  286. Playing History: The Plague
  287. PowerUp the Game
  288. Practice Exposure Therapy
  289. Practice Marketing
  290. Practice Operations
  291. PricePoint
  292. Prison Guard Procedures
  293. Process Analytics
  294. Profitania
  295. Project Integration Management...
  296. Project Management
  297. Project Moonwalk
  298. Putt the Planets
  299. Pythagoras Proof
  300. Quandary
  301. Quest for Oil
  302. RAGE Control
  303. Railroad Tycoon
  304. Ratio Rumble
  305. Re-Mission
  306. Re-Mission 2
  307. Reach for the Sun
  308. Red Dead Redemption
  309. Rehabilium Kiritsu-kun
  310. Represent Me!
  311. Responsibility Launcher
  312. REVEAL by L’Oreal
  313. Rhet Sims
  314. Robo-Rush!
  315. RoboMath
  316. RollerCoaster Tycoon
  317. Ruckingenur II
  318. Run the Business: Call Center
  319. Run the Business: Construction
  320. Run the Business: Manufacturin...
  321. Run the Business: Medical Devi...
  322. Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky
  323. Sales Accelerator
  324. Sales Best Practices Challenge
  325. Science Pirates
  326. Sea Turtles and the Quest to N...
  327. Select-a-Cell
  328. September 12th, A Toy World
  329. Sharkworld
  330. Ship Simulator 2008
  331. Sid Meier’s Civilization...
  332. Sid Meier’s Civilization...
  333. Sid Meier’s Railroads!
  334. Simbound
  335. SimCity
  336. SimCity 4
  337. SimCityEDU
  338. Simplicity
  339. SmartGate – The Game
  340. Snow World
  341. SoftStrat Software Platform Mi...
  342. SpaceChem
  343. Spacewar!
  344. SPARX
  345. Special Operation Halo Jump
  346. Spielfieber – der Countd...
  347. Spongelab Interactive Lab
  348. Statecraft
  349. Staying Alive
  350. Stop Disasters
  351. Strategic Innovation and Techn...
  352. Supreme Decision
  353. Sweatshop
  354. Swimming Challenge
  355. SymbioCity
  356. Syrum
  357. Teach With Portal
  358. TeachLivE
  359. Tex Walker’s Fast Pitch ...
  360. The Best Amendment
  361. The Big Picture Marketing Mana...
  362. The Blood Typing Game
  363. The Boardroom
  364. The Curfew
  365. The Frog Dating Game
  366. The Great Flu
  367. The Incident
  368. The Lab
  369. The Movies
  370. The Oregon Trail
  371. The Play True Challenge
  372. The Root Beer Game: Supply Cha...
  373. The Transporter
  374. The Treasure Of Bell Island
  375. The Underground Railroad in th...
  376. The War Inside
  377. The White Card Game
  378. Theme Hospital
  379. ThUMP The Ultimate Math Practi...
  380. Tilt World
  381. Time Mesh
  382. To Do List
  383. Tourette’s Quest
  384. Traction
  385. Transcription Hero
  386. Treadsylvania – ATV Safety
  387. Triage Trainer
  388. TriggerTech
  389. TSN2 – The Sports Networ...
  390. Tunnel Tail
  391. Universal Rental Car Pricing
  392. Unmanned
  393. Uplifted
  394. Vanished
  395. Veteran on Campus
  396. Virtual Attain
  397. Virtual Cultural Awareness Tra...
  398. Virtual Lab – Acidifying Salsa
  399. Virtual Lab – Disposable Lab E...
  400. Virtual Lab – Gram Staining
  401. Virtual Lab – Testing for Corn...
  402. Virtual Lab – The pH scale and...
  403. Virtual Lab – Using the Micros...
  404. Virtual Leader
  405. Vishwakarma
  406. Vision Needs Based Training Ga...
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  410. Ways Home
  411. We The Jury
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  413. West Point Bridge Designer 201...
  414. What a Day (WaD)
  415. Wheelie Pete
  416. Where in the World is Carmen S...
  417. Whyville.net
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  419. Winning in Business
  420. Winning in Professional Servic...
  421. Winning in Wireless
  422. Wintel Strategy
  423. WolfQuest: Survival of the Pac...
  424. Word Raider
  425. Workplace Ethnic Discriminatio...
  426. World of Goo
  427. World of Temasek
  428. Yard Sale
  429. You Choose The News
  430. You Make Me Sick
  431. Z@pp Your Planet
  432. Zapitalism
  433. Zombies, Run!
  434. Zombies, Run! 2
  435. Zoo Tycoon