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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embrace all technologies

Technology should be completely embraced in education. Smart phones, Twitter, blogs, Skype, and Facebook (plus dozens more to come) are the context of learning and being productive for decades to come. A spell checker frees us up from memorization and, thus, spelling tests.

If a traditional school situation is disrupted by new technology, nine times out of ten it is the school situation that needs to be changed, not the access to technology. Schools hate the fluidity of technology. But students love it, need it, and will find a way to use it.


  1. Just found and subscribed to your blog. I find it curious, in light of this post, that you're new book isn't available on the kindle.

  2. It will be, Skip! I just didn't like the way the formatting came out, so I am redoing it by hand.