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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#unrules46 - The future is portfolios, not transcripts.

Unschooling Rules 46 is, The future is portfolios, not transcripts.
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11/1/2013: ETS Share Knowledge Analyst Kelly Bergman put up a great list of ePortfolio resources on LinkedIn. These included:
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  1. I agree that most parochial learning is mute with respect to pre and post secondary students and their capability to function in society's ever changing employment markets. The idea of a portfolio is fine for if there are also rubrics for what is going to be looked at and what is expected.

    I am of the interest in teaching methods and concepts rather than relying on rote memorization as criterion to assess learning.

  2. @Clark

    Dr. Daniel Siegel (Full Sail University) directed me to your Blog.

    I agree with Jeff. The Colleges and Universities want well rounded students with resumes that show that they are much more than just high academic achievers. I can't think of a better method of showcasing an individual's passions and capabilities than through a personal portfolio.

  3. I always thought that colleges want well-rounded classes, not well rounded students. Having said that, passion and accomplishment can be documented either way.

  4. (It may be worth noting that Daniel and Full Sail in general inspired this post.)

  5. In 1999 I applied for a secretary's job with Walt Disney Feature Animation in Florida. I wanted the job badly and thought of what I could do to set myself apart from all the other candidates. But I was only a secretary, not an artist by any means. Still, I decided to put together a secretarial portfolio to bring to the interview, with examples of how I organize myself and my boss, snapshots of my calendar, copies of memos that I had written, project reports, etc. My intended boss, the producer of one of the animated movies, exclaimed that no one had ever done this and was duly impressed. I got the job! I'm convinced it was because of my portfolio. I had totally forgotten about it until I read your post :) Now that I am out of the workforce and educating my child, it probably would be a great idea to put another portfolio together showcasing that I am doing during these years at home, so I can be ready for my re-entry in the workforce at some point.