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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Parents care more about their children than any institution

Every rule, every law, every arrangement between institution and parent has to agree on the most fundamental presumption: it is the parents who care the most about their children.

The virulent meme that spreads through virtually all schools - that parents get in the way and are incapable of making intelligent decisions for their children - both is the defense mechanism of institutions that cannot change and is as corrosive as any other form of discrimination. Worse, it can become self-fulfilling in some cases.


  1. http://www.daycaresdontcare.org/ A site devoted to this fact. The warehousing of America's children has had long reaching and detrimental effects on all of society.

  2. I agree. Institutions must be built on sure foundations. This would be one way of doing that. There are pockets of this but it needs to spread.

  3. Interesting post. Got me to realize that sometimes I care too much for my daughter. I want her to have the kind of life I've had, only partly to justify myself to myself. So I get pretty nervous when an expert--a teacher, coach, doctor, or she herself--reminds me that she is different from me. Maybe she learns in a different way, or has different interests. I resist, which probably makes that expert's life less happy. The fact that I care more about her than they can doesn't imply that I don't get in their way or that I can make the best decisions for her.