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Friday, August 27, 2010

Use microcosms as much as possible in learning programs

Microcosms are self-contained models of larger and more complex systems. Lessons learned, including what are good things to do and results to get, can be transferred to the bigger productive world.

Examples of microcosms that can be used in education are:

  • Fish tanks
  • Lemonade stands and bake sales
  • Gardens
  • One person businesses
  • Some team sports
Emerging technology has also put more power at the fingertips of everyone. A twelve year old can now:

  • Do blog reporting on local news
  • Plan a trip to any location, down to budgets, flight times, and hotels.
Microcosms should be used as often as possible. Some other advantages: the projects require stewardship; cramming is not possible; and the results are self-evident.

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