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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Internships, apprenticeships, and interesting jobs beat term papers, text books, and tests

Spending time on internships, apprenticeships, or interesting jobs is better at meeting the educational needs of older children than writing ever longer reports, completing longer math proofs, or taking ever more complex tests.

Look to work:

  • On a local political campaign;
  • On a farm;
  • At a museum;
  • In a news station/ newspaper;
  • In a bakery;
  • In a hospital;
  • In trail maintenance or an environmental foundation;
  • With a police or fire department.
Many jobs can be appropriate for short term (one to three month) projects. Just look for places where people care immensely about the finished job.


  1. Tiverton High School (RI) has an excellent Service Learning Program. Rebecca Elwell is the coordinator. Strictly for non-profits though. Businesses sometimes lobby to be included in the program but they seem to be more interested in the free labor than in the kids.

  2. Marjory, I just added museums to the list.