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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Throughout one’s life, everyone unschools most of the time

When a doctor finds an interesting condition in a patient, he or she does not sign up for a class that covers the material, runs six weeks, and starts next fall.

When faced with an environmental crisis, the politician does not apply to a prestigious university’s masters program.

When a person in charge of a non-profit organization sees an opportunity in a foreign county, the first instinct is not to review old class notes.

All people unschool to learn most of their knowledge during most of their lives. The only variables are how well do they do it, and when do they start.


  1. I completely agree, from my own experience. It's fantastic to stumble into a new area of knowledge and enjoy, yes enjoy, immersing yourself in it, in a way that suits you. My own learning style is best if I speak to others, listen to information and have lots of time to think about it and discuss it. Who ever said talking was not allowed in the classroom was an idiot! It got me into such trouble as a pupil and has brought such rewards outside school.

  2. Thank you, and OMG are both your blogs fabulous! I want to move in and eat and drink!

  3. It's called "learning."

    All bright, curious people learn whether they're in school or not. Learning for fun or learning in order to do one's job better is learning.

    Unschooling is more and broader and deeper than just learning on the side, though.

  4. very true. i don't know why people are so threatened by un-scooling. it's such a natural part of life. great blog!

  5. lol Clark, I just think what I do and blog is quite simple!