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Monday, August 2, 2010

White-Collar Homesteading Rule: Don't Move for a Job

There are many good reasons for a family to move. But the white-collar homesteader will not move for a job.

Almost inevitably, moving for a job means taking a less suited house in a more expensive but soulless neighborhood, filled with other people who not only have moved for a job but will so again pretty soon.

The process of moving for a job separates people from their own support system, including extended families and friends, making them more dependent on the institutions including not just schools and employer but even "familiar" fast food restaurants and box stores. Then, in this mono-cultural existence, a change in employment status is truly devastating.

IBM used to be jokingly thought of as standing for "I've Been Moved" by its employees. Now, with virtual work, employees think of it as standing for "I'm By Myself." This is not perfect, but it is a lot better.

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