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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NY Times Columnist Agrees with Rules 50 and 51

New York Times Columnist Jane Brody wrote a column called Head Out for a Daily Dose of Green Space. In it, she reinforced the thinking behind two Unschooling Rules:
  • Rule 50: Outdoors beats indoors. (#unrules50)
  • Rule 51: Walk a lot. (#unrules51)
Jane Brody notes:
  • First, the bad news: Americans are suffering from an acute case of “outdoor deprivation disorder,” and the effects on physical and mental health are rising fast.
  • Now, the good news: There’s a simple remedy — get outside and start moving around in green spaces near and far, most of which are free.
Score one for common sense! But can industrial schools catch up to Homeschoolers? As always, twitter your thoughts!

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