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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unschooling and Entrepreneurship

I suspect a lot of home- and unschoolers will become entrepreneurs. (Well, I suspect that a lot of young people will become entrepreneurs as the entry and mid-level "associate," "manager," and "analyst" jobs evaporate, but it will be unschoolers that will be more prepared.)

So, if anyone wants to hear a perfect tale of entrepreneurship, listen to Edward Burns being interviewed on the fabulous movie podcast Filmspotting. The episode is right here:

I suggest fast-forwarding to 44:25. There are two parts of Mr. Burns' story that are interesting in the context of this post. The first is how he made The Brothers McMullen (1995) on a shoestring budget, as his entry into the film world. But second, and I believe more interesting, is why he made his most recent movie, Nice Guy Johnny (2010), in the exact same way.
(Of course, you can listen to the entire great podcast, and subscribe as I do via iTunes.)

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