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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Most Popular Quotes from Unschooling Rules

As gathered from Kindle readers, here are the most popular quotes from Unschooling Rules:

"The bloating of most curricula comes from a simple flaw. Each generation believes that what they love the next generation needs."

"Each child has a spark of genius waiting to be discovered, ignited, and fed. And the goal of schools shouldn’t be to manufacture “productive citizens” to fill some corporate cubicle; it should be to inspire each child to find a “calling” that will change the world. The jobs for the future are no longer Manager, Director, or Analyst, but Entrepreneur, Creator, and even Revolutionary."

"There are two reasons to learn something: either because you need it or because you love it."

"All people unschool to learn most of their knowledge during most of their lives. The only variables are how well do they do it, and when do they start."

"Building can be done with computer code or lumber or ingredients or fabric. And building is the opposite of consuming, which is done with movies, textbooks, restaurant meals, most video games, or lectures."

"We heard the call that children should “learn to do” and “learn to be” through exposure to real-world projects, and that this growth would inspire them to “learn to know” even more."

"Any structure that does not embrace the chaotic diversity of talents is doomed to a lower common denominator approach. Ultimately, along the way that approach creates a corrupt moral framework around temporary abilities measured by incomplete short-term standards."

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