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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicago Tribune: "Supplement your child's education by stealing a few pages off the home-schoolers' playbook"

The Chicago Tribune ran an excellent piece today called Home-schooled lessons: Supplement your child's education by stealing a few pages off the home-schoolers' playbook.

Here is an excerpt:
In "Unschooling Rules," Clark Aldrich lays out 55 ways for parents to inject a little "unschooling" in their kids' lives. Here are five standouts.
  • Create portfolios of children's deepest interests and accomplishments over the years to augment school transcripts.
  • Increase your children's time spent with adult experts who are passionate about what they do. Be out of sight, but do this without "dropping off" your children and transferring responsibility, at least initially.
  • Take your children on short family trips, even if it upsets the schools.
  • Include meaningful work into every week. (Taking care of a neighbor's pet, recycling, cooking a meal for someone.) Don't let the abundance of papers due and tests get in the way of helping your children actually help other people.
  • Encourage play in areas of interest. Allow children to pursue passions, even when it gets in the way of doing homework. Be prepared to fudge a sick day for both parent and child to indulge areas of deep passion.

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  1. I remember reading this and thought "what a wonderful opportunity to bring a true innovators thoughts and aims to the forefront.