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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exit Lectures. Enter Games. The New Expression of Learning.

Covering Unschooling Rules:
  9. Sitting through a classroom lecture is not just unnatural for most people, it is painful. 
  26. Biologically, the necessary order of learning is: explore, then play, then add rigor.

It is fairly easy to show portfolios of educational simulations and serious games (for example, mine, in this pdf).  Or research showing intellectually their success (such as in this pdf).

However, one of the most exciting things for me is to show the emotions elicited by sims.  People who go through sims experience amusement, challenge, and resolution.  They lean forward.  They share and collaborate.  They learn conviction (See my article on "Why Educational Simulations? Designs to Develop Competence Plus Conviction" in the UK magazine Inside Learning Technologies & Skills).  They show on their faces intense engagement and yes, actual joy.

Given all of that, it is with pleasure that I share these images of young world-class athletes playing Play True Challenge at the Youth Olympics Games, a product that was a collaboration between Clark Aldrich Designs and favorite partner Web Courseworks for the World Anti-Doping Agency.

As more and more organizations are realizing the limitations of lectures (see Washington Post today: Colleges looking beyond the lecture), these should augment the research clearly framing a better way of learning.

Focus and collaboration turns spontaneously into amusement (around 0:25).

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