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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another List of Critical Skills Not Taught in Schools

I received this list from a leader in a global non-profit organization on skills that they needed to develop:
  • leadership 
  • team building 
  • networking 
  • negotiation  
  • orientation to results and quality 
  • orientation to service 
  • planning and organization 
  • cross-cultural awareness  
  • identification with humanitarian principles 
  • flexibility  / resilience, tolerance for frustration / plasticity
  • emotional regulation  
  • analytic thinking  
  • strategic vision  
  • initiative and innovation  
  • team and people management  
  • security and safety awareness and management 
It is a great list, and overlaps and adds to the list I presented in Chapter 4: Twenty-five critical skills are seldom taught, tested, or graded in high school of Unschooling Rules.

I think we all agree that these skills are critical to most people and certainly most teams.

The question is not, how can schools teach, measure, and report back on these skills?  As much as schools would like to frame the question this way, and would like to bid for this work (i.e. say they can do it and then say that they need a bigger budget), I don't believe they have any credibility.

The question is, instead, how can we nurture learning opportunities for these critical skills outside of schools?

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