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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still think PhD's and Educators should be in charge of reforming schools?

This may be my new "most chilling quote:"

“Educators were much more upbeat than either college graduates or employers about graduates' preparation for the work force. Seventy-two percent of educators felt the graduates were ready for entry-level jobs, while only 45 percent of the graduates and 42 percent of the employers shared their optimism.”

- Katherine Mangan, Educators, Employers, and Jobless Graduates Point Fingers at Roots of Unemployment, The Chronicle of Higher Education

It will replace this one:

“Managers of educational programs from both academics and corporate, when asked about relative importance in a simulation program, ranked ease of deployment (57.4% said it was very important and 37.2 said it was important), over every other category, including “provides a strong return on investment” (34.6% very important/ 41.4% important) and “fun and exciting for participants” (50.2%/28.4%).”

- eLearning Guild’s landmark report,  Immersive Learning Simulations, March 1, 2007 

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