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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Four Articles

Today, my fourth article for the British magazine Inside Learning Technologies & Skills came out.

The three so far were (and click on title to download pdf):
  • Why Educational Simulations? Designs to Develop Competence Plus Conviction: This outlines the most important reasons for pursuing simulations and serious games, and some some design frameworks to make these programs accomplish their lofty goal.  Developing conviction in all students will be one of the most meaningful opportunities of the next decade for universities, corporations, and other organizations.

  • How Would Steve Jobs Do Training and Education?: My most important article, this outlines my research agenda for the next five years to create a unified framework for all education and learning.  Part three, the new old education, changes everything.

  • L&D Life Through a Lens: A broad look at the multiple perspectives through which to evaluate techniques and opportunities for any formal learning organization.  This is probably the weakest developed of the four (although I still like it quite a bit!).  

To these, I now add:

I am proud of my run, and thank both Inside Learning Technologies & Skills and its readers for the positive reaction.  I have also highlighted the most important passages in each.

Finally, for those looking for some easy, fast reading, may I suggest my newest book, available at Amazon:

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