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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The schools up on the pedestal are so far from being good enough, or even worthy role models

One of the biggest signs that home and unschooling are necessary to jump-start innovation is seeing what schools are put up on a pedestal today.

  • Suburban schools are thought to be so wonderful by people in cities.
  • Private schools with seventeen students per class are thought to be so much better than the public schools with twenty-seven students per class.
  • Schools with great test scores are highlighted as if they are actually preparing students for a rewarding life.
  • Schools that give each student a laptop or iPad are hailed as technology visionaries.
  • A teacher wears a funny costume and that makes the front page of the local paper.
Any act of creativity, enthusiasm, and competency on the part of a teacher or school system should be respected. But the more closely one looks at the role models of the industrial-academic complex (as pointed to by struggling schools as well as parents and the press), the more one should be depressed not inspired.

Is there any hope? Of course! See 15 Models that are Better for Childhood Learning than Schools'

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