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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

White-Collar Homesteading Rule: Be One of the Best in the World

One of the effective ways of being a white-collar homesteader is to find an area and be one of the best in the world at it. This sounds glib or even impossible, but it is easier than one initially thinks.

  • The white-collar homesteader can do three or four times as much work in a day than almost anyone else, as he or she saves time by not commuting, not attending endless staff meetings, and getting involved in other enterprise-overhead activities.
  • The white-collar homesteader should be focused on what he or she loves. So one can bring more passion, and simply care more than anyone else.
  • One can focus on the same topic for years without being "pulled-off" by the boss to do someone a six-month favor.
  • The white-collar homesteader controls his or her own time, so can accept invitations to interesting speaking opportunities or forums to deepen his or her knowledge base, or write "free" white papers/blogs.
  • At some point, expertise becomes a positive feedback loop. By being the best, other people bring information to him or her.
  • By working with different enterprises, and ideally different industries, one can simply gain a deeper understanding than any one person stuck with one perspective.
This "best-in-the-world" status greatly reduces the cost of marketing, increases the choice of clients, and increases the value that one can deliver.

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